Summary of Events

An Explanation of the Events offered at Free Spirit Academy of Psychic Studies

Open Circle

Every Wednesday evening from 7.30 – 9pm (as per the programme) there will be an open circle which, because of its nature and the different development of each student, will cover many aspects of mediumship and psychic work.

Public Healing

This is open to the public every Saturday morning from 11am – 12.30pm (as per the programme). This gives our trainees the opportunity to fulfil the practical sessions required during their training period. This is the foundation of the heart of Free Spirit.

Tea and Chat

At the same time as the Public Healing we offer the opportunity to meet with like-minded people who offer friendship, comfort and support creating a community environment. If you wish, you can also attend a healing session.


One day workshops are available every 1st Saturday of the Month and are led by Karen Wood. Areas to be covered are all things of a psychic and mediumistic nature e.g. one to ones, platform and philosophy.

Student Celebration of Spirit Evenings

An opportunity for our Students to conduct evenings in which they present their way of serving spirit, within a training environment, in front of the public. It is important for the public to understand that these evenings can be extremely nerve racking for the students so only those who are able to offer support and an open mind, are invited to attend.

Demonstration Evenings

These evenings will be held on a Saturday throughout the year with Hazel Ballard and Karen Wood as the Demonstrators. The public will be invited to attend and, as space is limited, it will be by agreement only.

Private Trance Healing

Half hour sessions are available with Hazel.

Private Sittings

Half hour psychic and spiritual readings are available with Hazel.


These are structured courses run in 6 week blocks and form the foundation of a progressive teaching approach. There are 3 courses, at present, running consecutively back to back throughout the year which allows the student to attend any missed session at a later date. e.g. if the student cannot make session 3 of course 1 then they will automatically be allowed to attend session 3 of the following Course 1. HOWEVER, this is NOT an open course system, once committed, the student will be expected to attend every session unless there is good reason for their absence. The Tutor must be informed in reasonable time if they are unable to attend a session.

As the Tutors are of a high quality the student will receive a first class learning experience at VERY reasonable rates – it is our wish to bring our knowledge and passion to anyone who offers dedication and excitement in return as they expand their own personal spiritual journey.

Students will be given a Certificate of Attendance once they have completed all 6 sessions of a course. It is possible for them, after completing all sessions of all 3 courses to decide if they wish to start our Award system in a particular area of Mediumship or not.

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